At Scoville Brothers we are on a mission; the pursuit of hot music and spicy food. We invite you to find out for yourself why Scoville Brothers is becoming a household name! By sticking to our motto, "It's all about the pepper." We have created some of the finest hot sauces on the planet. If you're looking for sauces that focus on sending flames out your orifices you should look elsewhere. If your want the perfect blend of heat and unsurpassed flavor, please give our sauces a try. One taste will convince you, they are the real deal!

Why Choose Our Hot Sauce ?


Hot sauce is the place where food and entertainment meet. Scoville Brothers is a craft hot sauce company founded by musicians dedicated to bringing spice to your life. We take pride in combining the finest ingredients to bring you hot sauces that are unique, flavorful and fun.  Musical styles identify our hot sauces, each with a different groove to tickle your tongue. Try them all and you’ll feel the passion for peppers permeate you.  You’ll discover a favorite flavor for every food!

– Danger Doug Scoville –

Find Us in Stores

You can find us in Indiana and Michigan states in multiple different locations